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Reiki uses intention, symbolism and attunement in order to help balance a person’s chakras. 

Reiki uses the therapist’s hands to convey the energy, and this can be done by touching the person’s skin or by just resting the hands slightly above the person’s body.

In my reiki treatments, I utilize a pendulum as well as crystals, which is a wonderful addition, and intensifies the healing energy sent through.

Simply put, this is energy healing, and is AMAZINGLY relaxing.

What I truly love about reiki is hearing clients’ feedback after a treatment.

Some people report seeing colours, or symbols, or even getting a profound message to a problem they’ve been having.

The energy is channeled through the therapist’s hands and into the recipient’s chakras and other areas of the body that need balancing and/or healing.

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  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes

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Complementary Health ~ Balmedie